Dpfmac Dpf Cleaning Machine Çınar

Çınar Makina Dpf as a manufacturer of Mac particle cleaning machine, our particle filter and catalyst cleaning machine is the first in Turkey and Europe in terms of working and cleaning feature.

Particle Cleaning Machine Technical Specifications are as follows;

  • 7000 Watt Redundant Resistance
  • Complete Stainless Interior Fasteners
  • 30 Lt. Stainless Water Tank
  • Drying Fan
  • Adjustable conditioner air intake
  • Adjustable Temperature Adjustment
  • Adjustable Running Time
  • Audible Start Alert
  • Audible End Warning
  • Complete Stainless Interior Design

You can visit the website of the Dpfmac Çınar Makine company by clicking on the link text created and you can have detailed information about Dpfmac Dpf Cleaning Machine. In addition, you can contact the company officials by calling the contact numbers below.

The contact information of Dpfmac company is given below:

Phone: +90 212 321 20 09
GSM: +90 554 182 11 09